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Trainee nurses publicly shamed by NSW Health for supporting Australia Day

A listener has emailed Ray Hadley after their nurses training was hijacked to become a political stunt.

During the first day’s session on Aboriginal health, nurses were singled out over their views on Australia Day.

A speaker from NSW Health who was facilitating the training at Westmead Children’s Hospital asked the 60 or so nurses in the room to stand up.

He then instructed everyone who thinks that Australia Day should not be on January 26 to sit down.

The listener tells Ray they were stunned and remained standing with about 10 others in the room.

The speaker then told the 10 standing nurses to “have a long hard look at themselves and their views”.

“What’s that got to do with training as a nurse in a New South Wales hospital?” says Ray.

“I would imagine the minister responsible, Brad Hazzard would want to have a stern discussion with the person who wants to politicise training of registered nurses at a hospital where we’re paying the bills!”

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In a statement to The Ray Hadley Morning Show, a spokesperson from Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network says the hospital acknowledges the incident was inappropriate.

“The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network acknowledges that staff orientation is not an appropriate forum for a political statement. The staff member has been counselled accordingly. The role of the Aboriginal Health Advisor is to advocate for the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal patients and families.”