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‘Change it now!’: Ray Hadley grills Minister over new welfare benefit

Finance Minister Damien Tudehope has admitted the guidelines for discounts on fines are unclear as he defends his government’s latest move.

NSW residents on welfare can apply for a 50 per cent discount on fines excluding those issued by a court, voting-related fines and jury duty fines.

While the Commissioner of Fines Administration reserves the right to exclude serious offences, the definition of such an offence has not been made clear.

Finance Minister Damien Tudehope told Ray Hadley the law can be changed.

“I have the ability to review these guidelines in 12 months and if I was of the view that it was being inappropriately used I would make guidelines which specified the circumstances much more clearly.”

But Ray Hadley argues the “terrible” legislation needs to be changed now.

“I’m glad you’ve admitted now that they’re not very clear. Here’s a little tip, minister- change it now!

“We can’t, in a civilised society, have a commissioner second-guessing what a minister thought was significant! We need to have it in black and white!”

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