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James Ashby responds to CASA investigation

Pauline Hanson’s chief-of-staff James Ashby is being investigated over suspicions he was flying a light aircraft without the correct licence.

If the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) finds he holds a recreational certificate or licence, but was operating as a commercial pilot during the 2016 election campaign, he could lose his registration.

Mr Ashby tells Chris Smith the investigation is a “witch-hunt”.

“I am licensed to carry a passenger. I do that on a regular basis.

“Their argument is that I’ve taken money for piloting Pauline around the country which is not true.

“Even though this has been investigated and I’ve been cleared once already by Recreational Aviation Australia… CASA seems to feel as though they’ve got to come in and do another investigation.

“I’m wondering whether I’ll be questioned over whether I’ve got a taxi licence seeing I drive Pauline to Rockhampton today.”

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Image: One Nation