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Cars sitting idle as Australians find new ways to get around

Australians are being encouraged to scale back their car usage even further in line with World Car Free Day.

Will Davies is the CEO of car sharing network, Car Next Door, and said sales for new cars have dropped hugely since the pandemic began.

He believes it’s time to scale back car usage in Australia, and there were other ways to make sure drivers had access to cars, and for people to get around.

“[Cars] are a massive waste of resources, we’ve got these vehicles sitting around that most people spend between $5000-$8000 a year on, and 97 per cent of the time they sit around doing absolutely nothing,” he told Jim Wilson.

“Certainly there’s been a strange confluence of events going on, but because everyone [was] stuck in lockdown the desire for cars has evaporated a fair bit; the car sale numbers have dropped right down.”

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