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Cameron Daddo reveals his Home and Away Easter egg

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Spoiler alert: Home and Away fans have already sampled a live performance of Cameron Daddo’s new single ‘Son and Moon’.

Mr Daddo, who stars in Home in Away as Evan, the dying father of Ryder, debuted the song on the show almost a month ahead of his new EP’s official release.

The double threat actor and musician revealed how the Easter egg came about in the studio with Deborah Knight.

“It was the chicken before the egg.”

When producers suggested covering other artists’ songs, “I said nah, we’ve got the Cam Daddo back catalogue of music to use!”

“I just played it down the phone and sent it to the producers and they really liked it.

“What a great platform, right?”

The new album has “a bit more pub rock in it”, Mr Daddo said, as well as some “Nashville stylings”.

Son And Moon EP is out on Friday July 3.

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