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Calls for tighter climbing restrictions as Sydney woman goes missing in Himalayas

Experienced climbers are calling for tighter climbing restrictions amid a series of incidents in the Himalayas this season.

Sydney mountaineer Ruth McCance and seven others have now gone missing while climbing India’s highest mountain, Nanda Devi.

The group began climbing last month as part of a 12-member expedition that was attempting to summit a previously unclimbed route.

Indian rescuers are still searching for the group, but say the chances of finding them are bleak.

The incident is the latest in a series of tragedies in the Himalayas.

11 people have died in the space of a few weeks while trying to reach the summit of Everest.

Veteran climber Alan Arnette tells Alan Jones regulations need to be tightened, especially in Nepal.

“There were a lot of mistakes made this year. Of the 11 people [that died] I estimate that eight of them were avoidable deaths.

“Predominately the reasons are that we have too many inexperienced climbers and too many unqualified so-called sherpa guides.

“Nepal has zero requirements to either be a guide or to be a climber.

“It’s time for them to address this, not just take the money to the bank.”

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