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Calls for feral pig bounty as fears of African swine fever grips industry

The Australian pork industry is calling for a nationwide cash bounty on feral pigs as they battle to keep African swine fever at bay.

Feral pigs are known for eating lambs and other wildlife and can breed rapidly with females able to give birth to up to 14 piglets twice a year.

There are fears they could threaten the domestic pork industry with African swine fever.

Australian Pork Limited CEO Margo Andrae tells Ben Fordham there are over 25 million feral pigs across Australia.

“It’s time to tackle this issue and if a bounty is the way to go then a bounty is the way we will deal with it.

“These feral pigs are a disease risk, if they come into contact with our pigs then they decimate our entire industry.”

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Image: Getty/Auscape