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Calls for Defence Force to help veterans transition back into society

The NSW Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs says the Australian Defence Force needs to be responsible for integrating returned servicemen and women into society.

There’s been increasing public outrage over the treatment of Australian veterans, with many claiming they are left without support for problems such as PTSD.

Many are calling for a royal commission into veteran suicides after it was revealed the government has no way of knowing how many veterans have committed suicide.

NSW Veterans Affairs Shadow Minister Greg Warren tells Steve Price the army spent six months helping him transition from civilian life.

“When you go from military life back to civil society you kind of feel a bit like you’re out in the cold.

“The day that I discharged… I remember walking out… and wondering what world I’m in.

“A very serious conversation needs to be had about transitioning from military life back into civil society… I think, realistically, that needs to be done by Defence.

“I mean Defence can’t just wipe their hands of this issue.”

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