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‘Call off the legal dogs’: Mark Latham calls on John Barilaro to save farmers from crippling fines

Mark Latham is calling on NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro to step up and help drought-ridden farmers facing up to $1 million in fines under harsh land clearing laws.

Under the laws, farmers must acquire a permit to cut down bush on their own land, but for every hectare of land cleared farmers are forbidden from touching four hectares of their own land.

The Native Vegetation Act was repealed in 2017 to introduce fairer legislation, but farmers are still being prosecuted under the old law.

NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean visited these farmers but is yet to reach a resolution.

Mr Latham tells Ben Fordham farmers fighting land clearing laws will be brought before the courts next week.

“The clock is ticking there for Matt Kean and Adam Marshall, the two vital NSW government ministers.

“The Acting Premier Barilaro, he talks a lot about the National Party who’s going to stand up for farmers.

“Well here’s the big test, call off the legal dogs on these land clearing farmers and get these matters out of the court and into conciliation next week.

“They made a promise here and I can say to the government, you’re going to have a pretty angry crossbencher here in the Upper House if you don’t live up to that promise and deliver justice.”

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