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New restrictions for weddings, funerals and church services

The NSW Premier has announced new restrictions to be reimposed on large indoor gatherings, limiting attendance.

From Friday July 24, attendance at large gatherings including weddings and corporate events will be capped at 150.

However, funerals and church services will have a stricter limit of 100 attendees.

Previously, attendance at such gatherings was limited only by the size of the venue and its capacity for social distancing.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian explained the tighter restriction for funerals and church services are because they are “emotional occasions where people know each other, and that increases the risk of transmission”.

For all indoor gatherings, the same rules apply: “no dancing, no singing, no mingling”.

“Indoor activities are the greatest threat in spreading the disease,” she said.

Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant now recommends people limit indoor gatherings at home to 10, however, the cap of 20 will not yet be officially changed.

From today, group bookings at pubs will be reduced from 20 people back to 10 and large venues will not be allowed to have more than 300 patrons.

Hygiene marshals will also patrol pubs to ensure compliance with social distancing and cleaning procedures.

Those restrictions will also apply to all indoor hospitality venues, including restaurants, clubs and cafes, as of July 24.

The changes come as NSW reports 13 new cases of COVID-19 since July 15 at 8pm, 6 of which are linked to the Crossroads Hotel cluster.

The Premier said “we remain in a state of high alert … [for] community transmission that might be bubbling away under the surface.”


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