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Bolt on ABC: ‘It’s like a swear jar, more f-words you use… ka-ching!’

The ABC has handed out over $2.6 million in bonuses but is kicking up a stink over a freeze to their funding in the latest budget.

Chris Smith and Andrew Bolt aren’t having a bar of it.

“What are the key performance indicators then, for these nearly 300 people?

“If you promote global warming every week you get a bonus? If you slam conservatives every week you get a bonus? If you preach racial politics, bonus!”

Andrew suggests maybe the funds are coming from a swear jar.

“Maybe it’s like a swear jar, more f-words you use, count your cash, ka-ching!”

Listen to the full conversation below

Andrew also commented on the missing African athletes from the Commonwealth Games who are now seeking asylum in Australia.

“Obviously they’re people who had enough money to become elite athletes.

“They had enough money for that but not enough money to hire their own lawyer to stay in the land of plenty and endless welfare?

“I wonder if the Commonwealth Games were held in some other African country whether these people would’ve demanded asylum.”

And as for the news story of the day, Andrew tells Chris he hears Laurel.