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Parents lied to about preschool riddled with asbestos

2GB’s Ray Hadley is calling for parents to remove their children from the Wentworth Falls Preschool Kindergarten, with serious asbestos fears allegedly being covered up by the Blue Mountains City Council.

Ray Hadley’s team contacted the preschool’s director Adena Jurd to inform her that the clearance certificate she was given by the Council didn’t apply to large amounts of asbestos found both inside and outside of the school during a 2014 Airsafe audit.

Ms Jurd insisted the asbestos clearance certificate she was given by the Council in July this year cleared her entire facility.

However the council only removed and sealed off asbestos material from a small area on the eave outside the school.

After hearing the revelations listener Tim called in, furious because his child attended the preschool last year.

“I’m a big boy, I can look after myself but you start not informing me about problems with my kids, that’s when I get upset.

“I have no problems with the staff, but once the hierarchy of a council start putting this crap on us as parents… I’m ropeable! I don’t normally get upset but I just feel myself shaking with anger.”

Ray Hadley is calling for the Minister for Local Government Gabrielle Upton to start listening and take action against the council.

“There are children at risk and you’re sitting on your backside… shut the joint down!”

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