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‘Blood on your hands’: Energy Minister’s solar panel warning

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Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor is urging states and territories to protect residents from poorly installed rooftop solar panels.

A national audit of the Renewable Energy Target has found at least a fifth of units inspected each year since 2001, had faulty wiring and unsecured panels.

Minister Taylor tells Chris Smith the rapid growth of the small-scale solar industry could pose risks to consumers and installation workers.

“I’ve been aware, or conscious, that this is a real issue for some time.

“My state and territory counterparts are the ones who manage the Occupational Health and Safety laws.

“But I’ve written to them all to say, ‘Look, we’ve got to lift our game on this. We can’t afford to have…'”

“Blood on your hands?” asks Chris Smith.

“Exactly,” says the Minister.

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Sydney solar panel installer Rod Grono tells John Stanley, he often sees poorly installed and faulty panels.

“There’s many, many things that can be done badly.

“The way the wires are put in, they’re not held up properly, the panels aren’t connected properly to the roof, there’s too much overhang.

“It just goes on and on.”

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