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Bill Shorten to announce Labor’s climate change policy

Bill Shorten will announce Labor’s climate change policy today, less than two months out from the federal election.

Further details will be provided on the Opposition’s plan to cut emissions by 45 per cent by the year 2030.

By the same year, a Shorten government would aim for half of all new cars to be electric by handing out tax breaks.

The plan would also see the nation’s 250 heaviest polluters face penalties for breaching new emissions caps.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor has gone on the offensive already, saying he thought they were an April Fool’s joke.

“I really did,” he tells Alan Jones.

“This is a massive revival of a carbon tax on everything.

“It’s dressed up in lots of other clothes and this will take us down absolutely the wrong track.”

“They are off the charts, they are right up there with the Greens.”

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Economist Professor Judith Sloan tells Chris Smith more electric cars “will require a lot of additional electricity generation”.

“It’s 10 and a half years time that all these wonderful new age circumstances will emerge, I think we are probably whistling Dixie.

“The more sun and wind you have the more redundancy and the more expensive it gets.”

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