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Bettina Arndt applauds Sydney Uni’s suspension of student activist

Bettina Arndt is applauding the University of Sydney’s decision to suspend a student activist after she led a protest against the social commentator.

Ms Arndt’s controversial appearance last year ended in a suspension for 22-year-old Madeline Ward who is believed to have orchestrated the protest.

The students had blocked access into the event, which others had paid for, in protest against Ms Arndt’s views on a “fake rape crisis”.

Ms Ward said she would appeal against her suspension.

But Ms Arndt tells Ben Fordham she is pleased with the outcome.

“I think it sends a very important message that free speech does not include blocking entry to the venue of events at the university.

“In recent years I’m not really aware of any other protestor who’s had this sort of punishment, which I think is an excellent signal for the university to send.”

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