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Ben Fordham’s fight to save Aussie farmers from bankruptcy

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More than 120 farmers across New South Wales are facing fines of up to half a million dollars for clearing their own land.

The Ben Fordham Show has been contacted by farmers, who wish to remain anonymous, distraught at the prospect.

Farmers must acquire a permit to cut down bush on their own land, but for every hectare of land cleared farmers are forbidden from touching four hectares of their own land.

Under new changes to the law, farmers from Moree, Narrabri and Walgett, in the state’s northwest, are facing fines between $300,000 to $500,000 by the Office of Environment and Heritage.

Ben Fordham is now seeking to speak with the new Environment Minister Matt Kean about these land clearing laws.

“Livestock can still graze on locked up land… but farmers can’t plant crops or touch it in any way,” says Ben.

“These poor people have been on the phone to us in tears.

“People have been killing themselves because of the pressure they’ve been under due to the drought and now we kick these people when they’re barely hanging on.”

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Mark Latham tells Ben the laws are all part of meeting international emissions targets.

“What’s going on here is a massive swindle.

“The federal government has got the state government doing its dirty work.

“Glady Berejikian, call off the dogs! Call off this legal action.

“This office of environment and heritage, they’re like a Gestapo squad, out there roughing up these farmers and treating them terribly.”

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