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Ben Fordham’s fiery clash over ‘dud list’ of the best chocolate bars

A Sydney dad’s controversial ranking of Australia’s most popular chocolate bars has sparked outrage.

Bruno Bouchet has ordered the beloved chocolate bars in tiers from the ‘God Tier’ at the top to the ‘would rather eat a bucket of cat vomit tier’ at the bottom.

But is this the list to end all lists?

Ben Fordham thinks it’s a ‘dud list’ and that the Bounty bar should be at the top of the list, not the bottom.

“It’s beautiful dark chocolate with some healthy coconut inside.”

But Bruno is mortified by the suggestion.

“Are you joking? A Bounty bar, which is just a piece of dog faeces with dandruff on it.”

But he says the Bounty bar is not the one that was the most controversial.

“It’s the MilkyWayers who have really made my life a misery, I’ve received a lot of hatred.”

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