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Ben Fordham unleashes on failed Return & Earn scheme

The Return and Earn scheme has been chaotic from the get-go.

In the in first 10 weeks of the scheme, $8.3 million was given back to customers in container refunds, but it’s been revealed the public has been slugged $110 million in higher beverage prices.

The price hikes come from businesses being forced to pass on the cost of the scheme.

Ben Fordham slams NSW Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton for answers.

“The numbers in that article reflect some figures that just don’t stack up.”

Ben continues to hound the Minister for answers on why consumers are being forced to fork out more because of the scheme.

Ben: “You can’t run away from that. It is a shocker, it is a disgrace.”

Minister Upton: “Look Ben, with the greatest of respect, I disagree with your assumption, that that number is actually the amount that’s paid by people across our community.”

Ben: “You’re denying the figure that I’ve given you, so you give me a figure.”

Minister Upton: “Ben, that’s a matter for industry.”

Ben: “No it’s a matter for the Minister because I’m interviewing the Minister.

“That $110 million is shameful… you can try polish this you-know-what as much as you want but that is embarrassing that figure.”

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