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Ben Fordham reacts after ‘ludicrous’ scrutiny over Mick Fuller interview

A judge has accused the NSW Police Commissioner of failing to carry out the proper legal processes before seeking to stop a Black Lives Matter protest from going ahead.

Mick Fuller was interviewed by Ben Fordham on Monday, where the Commissioner said he wanted to block the protest, hours before a meeting with the organisers.

However, protestors legally have a right to plead their process to the police before a rally is formally rejected.

The judge said the Commissioner’s comments were concerning.

“It’s been suggested that Mick Fuller, in talking to me on Monday, has harmed the police protest in court,” Ben Fordham said.

“The idea that the police commissioner is not allowed to point out that something is illegal is ludicrous!”

Protestors have said they will go ahead with the protest, regardless of the court’s decision.

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