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Ben Fordham lets loose on Clive Palmer: ‘You are a grub’

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Ben Fordham has unleashed on Clive Palmer after the businessman defended paying his fugitive nephew $4,000 a week while Queensland Nickel workers await the money they’re owed.

Palmer is still refusing to pay over 800 workers their entitlements after his refinery collapsed in 2016.

In an interview will ABC’s Leigh Sales, the former politician defended paying his nephew Clive Mensink $4,000 a week, saying “if I want to pay him a million a week, I will”.

Ben Fordham is calling Palmer out and he isn’t holding back.

“There are still tens of millions of unpaid entitlements to hundreds and hundreds of workers.

“They’ve been dudded while Clive Palmer keeps on spending up big.”

While refinery employees continue to wait for their money, Ben says Palmer has been living large.

“This is a bloke who bought himself a new $7.5 million riverfront mansion in Brisbane earlier this year. Seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

“The same bloke who then went out and bought six new Mercedes Benz.

“Clive, you are a grub.”

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