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Ben Fordham blasts ‘heartless pen-pushers’ over disgraceful treatment of nurses

Ben Fordham has slammed the ‘disgraceful’ treatment of NSW nurses working in COVID-19 hotels.

A group of swab nurses working at hotel quarantine sites in Sydney have been asking for parking permits since February to avoid getting fined.

The permits only arrived in July after Ben Fordham’s intervention but the nurses are still getting fined despite displaying signs on their cars clearly stating they are part of a “COVID-19 onsite response team”.


One nurse appealed a fine after parking in a loading zone but was rejected. (See full response below)

“Revenue NSW, City of Sydney council, NSW Health, collectively hang your heads in shame!” Ben Fordham declared.

“Fancy treating frontline workers like this!

“Here’s a tip for the rangers handing out the fines and the heartless pen-pushers at Revenue NSW … don’t fine them!

“Every single fine handed to swab nurses outside of these quarantine hotels should be withdrawn, refunded or reimbursed by the NSW government.

“We can get involved again but you’d think that there’d be some common sense here.”

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Full response from Revenue NSW: