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Beer and golf – the interview that had Steve Price in heaven

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There’s nothing Steve Price loves more than beer and golf.

And today the two topics combined with his guest Ewan Porter.

The former pro golfer, who won several times over in the US, is now a PGA Tour commentator as well as a globe-trotting craft beer explorer.

Ewan tells Steve the two passions “kind of go hand-in-hand”.

“All the different places we were travelling, I was just sampling different beers.

“And then when I stopped playing… I ended up travelling the world learning all about beer.”

Ewan is back in Australia at the moment, launching a brand new elite junior golf tournament showcasing the next generation of Aussie stars.

He reveals the Junior 6’s Invitational – being staged at Cronulla Golf Club in October – is a tribute for his father, who passed away late last year.

“I wanted to do something in honour of him and, at the same time, be able to give back.

“It’s my personal goal to make it the biggest and best junior golf tournament, not just in Australia, but the southern hemisphere.”

Steve couldn’t let Ewan go without a few tips on his favourite craft beers at the moment.

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