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Beaumont children mystery: ‘I swear on the Bible I saw those children in my backyard’

Australia’s most famous cold case may be close to being solved.

On Australia Day in 1966 Jane, Grant and Arnna Beaumont left their home in Somerton Park to travel to Adelaide’s Glenelg Beach.

They were never seen again.

More than 50 years after their disappearance, the son of a local factory owner at the time has come forward accusing his father of the heinous crime.

Hayden Phipps says his father Harry, now deceased, was a paedophile and had the children in his backyard on the day the went missing.

Alan Jones speaks with Stuart Mullins, author of ‘The Satin Man: Uncovering the Mystery of the Missing Beaumont Children’ about the recent developments.

“We were contacted originally by Hayden’s first wife. She contacted [my colleague] Alan Whitaker because her husband had watched a documentary regarding the Beaumont children and said to her, ‘I think my father had something to do with it and they’re in the pit’.”

Stuart and Alan followed up the lead, interviewing Hayden who has since accused his father of sexually abusing him as a child.

“I remember him thumping down his hand and he said, ‘I swear on the Bible I saw those children in my backyard’.”

A disturbed area of ground near Phipps’ factory will soon be excavated using new technology, in the hope answers will be found.

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