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Barnaby Joyce says Gladys Liu saga is ‘why we have ASIO’

Barnaby Joyce says government MP Gladys Liu should be removed if she’s found to have allegiances to China.

Ms Liu has now confirmed previous associations with three groups linked to the Chinese Communist Party, after initially failing to dispell the claims in a trainwreck interview with Andrew Bolt.

Some senior Liberals say the intelligence community warned the party against pre-selecting Gladys Liu before the federal election.

Former deputy PM Barnaby Joyce tells Alan Jones nobody can get away with disloyalty to Australia.

“There is an expectation that you have undivided loyalty to Australia and a sense of patriotism… and there’s no person who has a leave pass from that process.

“That’s why we have ASIO is to have some form of oversight and to give confidence to the Australian people, that if somebody is not able to pass muster then the appropriate action would be taken to remove them.

“I have absolute confidence that the Prime Minister is doing the job exactly as he is supposed to do it.”

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Image: Fairfax/Alex Ellinghausen