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Barnaby Joyce demands new coal-fired power station

Barnaby Joyce is demanding the federal government make coal a key issue heading into the election.

The former deputy prime minister wants taxpayers to build a new coal-fired power station in central Queensland, saying it is a key pillar of our economy.

The move puts him at odds with some of his colleagues, including Nationals Michael McCormack who says the government should only support a coal station that “stacks up” financially.

Speaking with Alan Jones, Mr Joyce made a passionate plea to voters, saying greater investment in coal is good for the nation.

“Your nation’s biggest export, people, is coal.

“The reason that you have the standards of living that you have is because of your nation’s export.

“Now if you get rid of your nation’s export, it’s like getting rid of your biggest client from your shop.

“You just won’t have any money.”

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