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Baby girl killed in viscous dog attack

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A 12-month old baby was killed when a dog jumped a fence and attacked her in northern New South Wales.

Her mother was pushing her in a stroller when the rottweiler lept into the pram and attacked her.

A day later a 10-year-old in Melbourne was mauled by a Russian bullmastiff.

Ben Fordham speaks with Animal Behavioural Specialist Jo Righetti to find out what can be done.

“There’s always going to be dog attacks,” she says.

“If you can, learn about your dog’s body language and behaviour.”

She tells Ben there is no guaranteed method to stop a dog attack.

“There is no foolproof method of stopping a dog attack.

“Sometimes it can be better to make a distraction, but it’s not guaranteed.”

She says owners “have to be responsible for their dogs”.

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