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‘Baaack off’: Cory Bernardi responds to Lambassador ad uproar

Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi is refusing to apologise to the livestock industry after a recent ad for his party came under fire.

The ad features Sam Kekovich voicing his support for the party, referring to him as “The Lambassador” in a social media post.

It’s the same term used in Meat and Livestock Australia’s (MLA) well-known Australia Day lamb ads.

MLA has lodged a formal complaint, demanding Senator Bernardi not use the phrase in promotional materials.

But the Australian Conservatives leader isn’t having it.

He tells John Stanley the term isn’t registered as a trademark and he won’t be apologising for using it.

“It’s in widespread use right around the world… Mr Kekovich refers to himself as the Lambassador on his own website.

“So I’ve responded in kind to the MLA today and told them to baaack off.”

He says his party has done nothing wrong and says if the MLA want to press ahead with legal action, he’ll be prepared for it.

“I think they’re trying it on here the MLA. If they really want to have a crack, well, I’m happy to do it because my lawyers are anything except sheepish.”

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