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‘Authority gone drunk!’: Alan Jones slams ‘undemocratic’ regulations threatening Aussies with jail

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Alan Jones has slammed the introduction of a NSW health order, restricting people’s movement and threatening them with jail.

There are now 16 ‘reasonable excuses’ a person is allowed to leave their home and any breach of these rules could see them face six months in jail or a fine of up to $11,000.

Shopping for essentials, seeking medical care or providing care, travelling to work or school and exercising are among the exceptions.

The laws have caused confusion as to what residents can and can’t do as authorities struggle to provide a clear cut message, with police filmed warning breastfeeding mothers and people sunbaking alone in parks to go home.

Alan Jones argues while it is important to make sure people are following social distancing rules “this is authority gone drunk”.

“The rules were implemented via regulation in NSW, not legislation, which means they were not debated in parliament and they were not subject to possibly sensible amendments.

“Coronavirus can’t be allowed to destroy democracy.

“This order in NSW, by a Liberal government, should never have been gazetted. It’s badly thought out, it’s undemocratic, it’s hopelessly Un-Australian, it treats us as if we’re all either completely stupid or servants of the state.

“It owes more to Russia than it does to Australia!”

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