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Australians to be asked new questions in 2021 Census

The Census will look different next year, with two new questions for Australians.

The “snapshot of the nation” will take place on Tuesday August 10, 2021 but Australians will have a week-long window of time to fill out the form for the first time.

Spokesperson for the Australian Bureau of Statistics Andrew Henderson explained the changes.

“There’s a couple of new questions, so there’s a high level health question asking people about long term health disorders such as asthma, diabetes,” he told Jim Wilson.

“That’s so we can get a better handle on where services are needed and how those conditions spread though the community.

“We are also asking for the first time a question about the defence force service – we really don’t have a good handle on where our vets are, where they are living, where their circumstances are.”

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