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‘Australians should be trembling with rage’: Rich and famous dodge hotel quarantine

Ben Fordham has slammed the double standards shown to those with money or fame when it comes to COVID-19 restrictions.

Ben is outraged that celebrities “get to dodge the rules because they are considered special cases”.

“At least one senior health officer admitted last week [that] money matters,” said Ben.

“Doctor Jeanette Young in Queensland says there’s economic reasons for allowing film stars … to breeze into the state.

“At least she was honest about the disgusting double standards.”

Ben echoed the sentiments of Caroline Overington’s article in The Australian, highlighting how celebrities are allowed special treatment, whilst Charlie Gray, the partner of an Australian lost at sea after a live export ship capsized, is in hotel quarantine.

“Let that sink in. A lady loses her partner in a tragedy at sea; she doesn’t know if he’s dead or alive, but there was no special treatment for her.”

Ms Overington told Ben she thinks “all Australians should be trembling with rage”.

“It’s an assault on who we are, Ben.

“We were all supposed to be equal in this country.

“Meanwhile, we’ve got people who are basically rich, no other reason that I can see … or they’re famous and they can just breeze past hotel quarantine; it is not who we are.”

Ben agreed saying, “we’re all in this together? Well yes, unless you’re filthy rich and famous!”

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