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Australian theatre royalty give us a peek behind the curtain and it isn’t always pretty

This morning, Alan Jones was graced by Australian theatre royalty.

One is Nancye Hayes, a lady by any reckoning, the other is described by Alan as a “villain of Australian theatre”, Todd McKenney.

The two beloved performers have joined forces and created their own show Bosom Buddies, a peek behind the curtains of life in showbiz.

They wanted to show audiences that life on stage isn’t always glitz and glamour.

“Nancye talks about having to do the show after losing her mother. We educate the audience that sometimes it’s a bit more serious than what you think.”

Unlike a regular stage show, the audience will get to interact with their favourite performers.

“We have a wonderful Q and A too,” Nancye reveals.

“We always play characters in shows. People like to get to know you. We get these amazing questions.”

But there’s one thing Alan and the rest of our listeners want to know. What are they like as travel companions?

“We do everything Thelma and Louise do!” Todd jokes.

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Bosom Buddies will be playing at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre tonight and tomorrow night from 7:30 pm.