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Australian man dead after falling overboard from cruise ship

Macquarie National News

An Australian man has died after falling overboard from a cruise ship in the middle of the night, as it headed to the US Virgin Islands.

The man, who is yet to be identified, went overboard between 3am and 5am on Wednesday while the Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas travelled to Saint Thomas.

The ship launched its own rescue boats, managing to find the man’s body in the water.

A Royal Caribbean spokesman confirmed the tragedy in a statement.

“Upon the initial report that an Australian adult male had gone overboard, our ship immediately turned, launched a rescue boat, and conducted a full-scale search.”

“We are currently working closely with authorities and will continue to assist in their investigation.

“Our hearts go out to the family and loved ones for their loss, and our care team is providing support and assistance during this difficult time.”

Passengers on the ship weren’t notified about the incident until about 3.30pm that afternoon, according to a woman from Florida.

“The captain was on the intercom. He was like, ‘Oh, a man fell overboard, and unfortunately he was deceased. This happened about 4am’,” according to Nickella Battle.

Investigations into the man’s death are continuing.

Symphony of the Seas is due to return to Miami on Saturday.


Macquarie National News