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Australian beer brewing company latest cancel culture victim

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An Australian beer brewing company is the latest victim of cancel culture after a number of bottle shops threatened to stop selling their brew.

Western Australia’s Colonial Brewing Co may disappear off the shelves of two Melbourne liquor stores, Blackhearts and Sparrows, with the stores claiming the use of the word ‘colonial’ “speaks to a broader history of colonialism and colonisation that has caused irreversible harm to the First Nations people in Australia and Indigenous populations around the world.”

The push was spearheaded by online activists and, now, Colonial Brewing Co Managing director Lawrence Dowd tells Ben Fordham they are considering changing their name.

“The narrative of our brand is not supporting colonialism or imperialism and that’s what’s disappointing about it.

“We’re going to talk to Indigenous groups and see how offended they are.

“We’re here to sell beer, we’re not here to be apart of the bigger issue.”

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