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Australia won’t withdraw funding from WHO after wet markets fiasco

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Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says Australia is unlikely to follow the United States’ lead in stripping funding from the World Health Organisation.

The United Nations agency on Tuesday said exotic animal ‘wet markets’ in China could be safely reopened, despite being the suspected origin of coronavirus.

Mr Dutton tells Ray Hadley he’s “incredulous” that the WHO would make that recommendation, and says Australia should “call out” such poor advice.

“It’s a huge mistake, and they need to reassess what their advice is.

“If there is some silver lining to a horrible situation it is that there’s going to be a reassessment of some of these actions, and I think the public would demand nothing less.”

In the wake of the WHO’s announcement, US President Donald Trump stripped more than $400 million in funding from the agency.

However, when Ray asked Mr Dutton if Australia would take similar action, the Home Affairs Minister argued such a measure would be disadvantageous.

“We rely on organisations like the WHO to deliver medical services and support to those on the ground [in developing nations].

“Ours is a different perspective.”

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