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Australia Conservatives to put forward Batman candidate

Australia Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi has announced he will put forward a candidate for the Batman by-election. 

The by-election is a result of the ongoing dual citizen shamble which has seen David Feeney resign.

His resignation has put Labor’s increasing struggle with the Greens in the national spotlight.

Batman, once a Labor stronghold, has become marginalised with the Greens cutting the ALP’s lead from 9.5% to 1% at the 2016 election.

Chris Kenny speaks with Australian Conservatives Leader Cory Bernadi.

“Let’s put this in perspective. The Coalition and Malcolm Turnbull grasp this nettle very firmly and dealt with it within their ranks.

“Labor on the other hand, said there was no problem here, and told more fibs than any politician in the last 365 days.”

Mr Bernadi tells Chris they will put forward a candidate in Batman.

“We’re not going to leave the conservative voter in the lurch and force them to choose between bad and even worse.”

Mr Bernadi also weighs in on Luke Foley’s push to fly the Aboriginal flag atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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