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Australia can’t afford to ‘hide behind fluffy multicultural cliches’

Following a string of horrific crimes in Melbourne at the hand of Sudanese gangs, questions have been raised about Australia’s multicultural policy.

Jeremy Sammut, senior research fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies, tells Chris Kenny migrants must be “willing to fit in”.

“When it comes to rule of law and democracy, those things are non-negotiable.

“Governments need to get serious about promoting integration and social cohesion.”

Dr Sammut says the Green’s call to increase our refugee intake to 50,000 would only cause more social problems.

“The problem we’ve got with African gangs in Melbourne…is they’re refugees, [who] don’t come here by choice and it’s far more difficult for them to fit in.”

Jennifer Oriel, academic and commentator at The Australian, goes as far to say multiculturalism has failed in Australia.

“Multiculturalism prevents integration.

“When you have multiculturalism you import division because it says you have to believe all cultures are equal even if it’s demonstrably untrue.”

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