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Aussie kids show ‘Bluey’ set for international release


An extremely popular Aussie kids show is set to hit international TV screens.

‘Bluey’, often described as Australia’s answer to Peppa Pig, centres around a family of Aussie blue heelers.

It’s the most-watched show ever on ABC iView, having racked up more than 69 million views since October last year.

Bluey is set to hit international screens soon, with testing showing it’ll be well-received by audiences in the US and UK.

The whole show is made under one roof by an Aussie studio in Brisbane, and Ben Fordham’s family are huge fans!

Creator, writer and series director Joe Brumm tells Ben it was important to keep the production local.

“It took a lot of fighting to do that, it’s definitely not the norm. It makes a slightly more expensive show to do that. You have more control over it and it just makes for a better show.”

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