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Aussie entrepreneur reveals why he spent $9 million on a guitar he can’t play

Founder of RODE Microphones Peter Freedman has become the lucky owner of one of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s acoustic guitars.

The record-breaking $9 million purchase was a chance for Mr Freedman to highlight the financial hardship of Australian musicians, he told Deborah Knight.

“I’ve not come from money, and I know exactly how hard it is to make a buck.

“I lucked it with RODE … and the artists have supported me with RODE, so now I’m going to give back.”

Mr Freedman says the global media coverage have helped him convey an important message.

“We’ve got to change the systems worldwide to support the arts.

“There’s no wage support if you lose your job, there’s no medical, there’s no mental health services: nothing!”

He plans to take the guitar on a tour around the world to continue to raise money and awareness, before selling the guitar on to a new owner.

“I can’t play guitar, but it’s not about that … What I’m going to use it for, that’s the special thing.”

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