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Aussie country music duo reveal unbelievable story behind their success

The multi-award-winning Australian husband and wife duo, O’Shea, reveal the unbelievable story that led to the kickstart of their career in Nashville.

The Australian couple have five Golden Guitars under their belt and their latest album, The Famine And The Feast, has hit #1 on the ARIA Country Music Chart.

Mark and Jay O’Shea moved to the United States in search of success but they tell Ray Hadley it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

They were struggling from credit card to credit card, with tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and just when they thought they had hit rock bottom they struck gold.

“I found this video of this Spanish woman in a stadium of people all singing this song that Jay had written, in Spanish… the song had gone number one on the pop charts all throughout Europe,” Mark said.

“This had all happened 18 months earlier and we didn’t know anything about it.

“Meanwhile, we’re in Nashville and LA slumming it out, going absolutely broke, and all of this success was happening on the other side of the world for something that Jay had written years before.”

They claimed the royalties, paid off all their debt and kick-started their career.

Ray says the story is “unbelievable”.

“If someone wrote a movie and that was the storyline you’d put it back and say ‘listen, it’s too fanciful, it couldn’t be true.’”

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