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Aussie athletes’ extraordinary sportsmanship

It’s Day Six of the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast and Australia is dominating.

We’re way out in front with the medal tally, securing a total of 41 gold already.

But there was one moment last night that’s left us all swelling with pride.

Australia’s 10km runners Eloise Wellings, Madeline Hills and Celia Sullohern finished their race without a podium placing.

They were exhausted but waited until the final runner Lineo Chaka from Lesotho, who was five minutes behind them, to cross the finish line.

Sports Minister Bridget McKenzie tells Ben Fordham she was lucky enough to be there.

“For our girls to stand back and wait for her and clap her across the line, for me, just spoke about the power of sport and sportsmanship.”

Ms McKenzie also commented on the issue of transgender athletes, saying “fairness and safety” need to be considered.

“Sports right now are challenged by this.

“For me, I think consideration needs to be given to what… makes sport fair.

“We need to think about fairness and safety.”

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