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Aussie adventurer’s extraordinary 10,000km journey with his dog

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An Australian adventurer has told the incredible tale of his journey from Mongolia to Hungary with his dog.

Tim Cope travelled 10,000km across Asia and Europe on horseback with his dog Tigon, surviving incredibly harsh environments.

He tells Deborah Knight he was inspired to do the trip while observing traditional nomadic cultures in Mongolia.

“They seemed to live this life that transcended the modern world as I knew it. A land where there was no sense of private land ownership was something unknown.

“A place where people still moved in rhythm with the land, moving from pasture to pasture…. only owning as many possessions as could fit on the back of their animals. It was something that really appealed to me. “

He even tells the story of how his dog Tigon was given to him by a man in Kazakhstan.

“He said you need a friend on this long road, someone to keep you warm and night and protect you from the woods, and he gave me his little pup!”

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Tim and Tigon by Tim Cope is available HERE