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Will Darren Lehmann’s comments haunt him?

Cricket’s ball-tampering scandal is still hitting the headlines, with punishments set to be handed to the players involved tomorrow.

Darren Lehmann has remained in the top job, with Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland saying the coach wasn’t aware of the ball-tampering.

But could comments he made at a press conference before the scandal broke come back to haunt him?

“Darren Lehmann is speaking to a group of reporters about how teams get the ball to reverse swing, and it’s clear from the discussion that the tactics may not have been in line with the rules,” says Ben.

Lehmann is recorded saying:

“Obviously, there’s techniques used by both sides to get the ball reversed and that’s just the way the game goes.

“I have no problems with it. Simple.”

When asked whether the techniques would be acceptable to the International Cricket Council, Lehmann says “I don’t know, you’d have to ask the umpires and the ICC that one”.

Ben says the saga is “nowhere near over”.

“I’d love for Darren Lehmann to explain what those techniques are to get the ball to reverse swing.

“Is it roughing up the ball with tape or something else? Because that is the technique which three of your players are being sent home for.”

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