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Attorney General urges rebel MPs not to throw government into minority

Ray Hadley has grilled NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman over whether the abortion bill will cause the Coalition to lose majority government.

After three rogue Liberal MPs attempted to stage a leadership spill against the Premier over her handling of the bill, there’s speculation the government is in danger of losing its majority if the dissenters decide to move to the crossbench.

Attorney General Mark Speakman, who voted against the bill in the Lower House, admits that prospect is very worrying.

“That’s of concern. I don’t want to lose any MPs from government and I’d urge all MPs to stick with the government.

“I want them inside the tent, not outside the tent.”

Ray also questioned the Attorney General about whether the government is being completely honest about the bill’s conception.

“Hand on heart, do you really expect me and my listeners to believe… someone from your party didn’t talk to Alex Greenwich about this bill?”

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