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At least 280 dead after tsunami hits Indonesia without warning

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At least 280 people have been confirmed dead after a devastating tsunami smashed Indonesia without warning.

Giant waves, over three metres in height, hit beaches and towns around the Sunda Strait around 9:30pm local time on Saturday.

It’s believed the tsunami was triggered by underwater landslides following the eruption of the Anak Krakatoa volcano.

The disaster hit completely without warning and has already killed at least 220 people.

It’s feared over 850 others are injured.

Shocking footage has emerged, showing the moment an Indonesian pop group “Seventeen” is hit by a wave while performing at a resort in Tanjung Lesung.

Warning: The footage below is disturbing

The bassist and the band manager have been confirmed dead.

The devastation has been felt along the southern coast of Sumatra and the western coast of Java, with buildings and homes left severely damaged or completely swept away.

Flinders University’s Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen tells Chris Smith it’s unclear why the danger wasn’t picked up sooner.

“There was some indication that something was detected by the early warning systems that they have in place but that it was misinterpreted as a tidal surge rather than as a tsunami coming through.

“It wasn’t until after the waves had hit I think that they realised that classification was false.”

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World Vision Chief Advocate Reverend Peter Costello tells Luke Grant he “felt physically sick” when he saw the video of the wave crashing onto the stage.

He says World Vision’s Indonesian office is on the ground, responding to the tragedy but it’s now “just a frantic search to see who’s alive”.

“It is really tragic, particularly at this time of year.”

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