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Apparently driving our kids to school is making them lazy

It turns out driving our kids to school could be making them lazy.

“Back when you and I were growing, we’d either walk to school, ride a bike,” says Chris Smith.

“There wasn’t much chauffering of kids in those days.

“But that’s what we do with our kids nowadays, don’t we?”

And experts say this is making the current generation of children lazy.

Royal Children’s Hospital National Child Health Poll Director Doctor Anthea Rhodes says “the majority of Australian children are not travelling to school actively”.

“Around two-thirds of them are driven – usually by a parent – to or from school.”

She tells Chris Smith the main reason parents opt for the car, particularly around primary school-aged kids, is because they feel it’s too far for their child to walk.

“Although we know more than half of Australian children live within two kilometres, a quarter live within one kilometre of their school.”

She’s also found one in five parents track the location of their kids using a GPS device.

“This is one way that some parents are trying to alleviate some of their anxiety.

“Interestingly, around a third of parents told us that their child is saying they’d rather not be tracked.”

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