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‘Are we job destroyers or are we job creators?’: Queensland One Nation leader on Paris Agreement

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is agitating for Australia to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, saying abandoning the targets will help “save” the Liberal party.

Mr Abbott signed the agreement when he was the nation’s prime minister in 2015, but now says scrapping our commitment will help keep power prices down.

The federal government won’t be backing out, with Foreign Minister Julie Bishop saying the Coalition will honour the deal.

Queensland’s One Nation leader Steve Dickson has called in to tell Mark Levy the minority party is “100% opposed to the Paris accord” and will continue the push to get more coal-fired power into the energy grid.

“It’s so important that we get the Australian people on board to say we need coal-fired power stations.”

Mr Dickson has questioned why we export so much coal overseas, asking whether we are “job destroyers or job creators”.

When it comes to nuclear energy, Mr Dickson says he and One Nation leader Pauline Hanson are on board.

“The cold reality is that the Australian people, they’re not ready.”

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