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Historian sets the record straight on Australia Day

In the lead up to Australia Day, the firey ‘change the date’ debate has reared its ugly head yet again.

To understand what’s actually up for debate, Chris Smith speaks to historian Keith Windschuttle.

“I think some people in the Aboriginal industry, not the real Aborigines out and about in the community, but people in universities and a couple of people in the media, have thought we can push this as far as we can.

“It’s essentially a means of humiliating the rest of us by saying your arrival here was a terrible bloody tragedy.

“I don’t know if they’re being traitorous, it’s bordering on that.

“There was an act passed in 1994 that made Australia Day officially January 26.

“But there’s been public holidays on January 26 since 1818 in this country.

“Linda Burney said Australia Day is only a new thing. That’s absolute rubbish.”

Listen to the full interview below