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Dr Brendan Nelson encourages Aussies to keep ANZAC spirit alive from home

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Coronavirus restrictions will force ANZAC Day services to run empty, but that won’t stop Australians from honouring the fallen virtually and in their homes this Saturday.

Former Australian War Memorial Director Dr Brendan Nelson told Ben Fordham persevering in the face of such circumstances is emblematic of the ANZAC spirit.

“We’ve been shaped by adversity.

“No group of Australians has given more, nor worked harder to shape our sense of who we are, than these men and women who wear the uniform of the Royal Australian Navy, Army and Air Force.

“This is who we are.”

Mr Nelson, a patron for the “extraordinary” veterans and families supported by the Commando Welfare Trust, encouraged all Aussies to participate in the ‘Light up the Dawn’ moment of silence event.

“You can do it in your flat, your loungeroom, your front yard, the end of your drive … just in your own heart, with your own thoughts.”

“In the end, ANZAC Day … is in the hearts and homes of everyday Australians.”

Ben’s godchildren Banjo and Darcy have been practicing The Last Post on the violin and cello.

“I’ve got a feeling this ANZAC Day is going to be bigger than ever,” Ben said.

“Even though we’re all apart, this will bring us together.”

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