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ANU accused of ‘political indoctrination by stealth’

Chris Kenny

The Australian National University is insisting new staff participate in ‘cultural awareness’ training which strongly favours a treaty with Indigenous Australians, the Australian reports.

University staff members are confronted with a quiz and directed to answer a true or false question: Legally, we cannot have a modern treaty process in Australia.

Except ‘true’ isn’t an acceptable answer, despite the legality of such a treaty being described as contentious.

Director of the Foundations of Western Civilisation Program at the Insitute of Public Affairs Dr Bella d’Abrera says ANU’s position is “worrying”.

“It’s very worrying to see that the ANU are adopting this position and they’re forcing their staff and their students to adopt this position in a particularly politically contested debate.

“They’re not giving their staff or their students the freedom to explore these ideas. It’s very much an imposition of their ideological position.”

Chris Kenny is going further, saying the Canberra-based institution is participating in “political indoctrination by stealth”.

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