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Animal testing concerns after baboon escape

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The three baboons that caused chaos after their escape from a truck in Sydney yesterday have brought animal testing back into the spotlight. 

The animals were being transported to RPA with a vasectomy scheduled for the male baboon and the two females being brought along to keep him calm.

The scientific community argue that animal testing is vital for developing vaccines and making medical breakthroughs, including polio, blood transfusions, and Parkinson’s, to name a few. 

CEO of Humane Research Australia Helen Marsten told Ben Fordham that animals are too different from humans for animal testing to be effective.

“There are so many intricate biological and metabolic differences between humans and other animals, that data obtained from one species cannot be extrapolated to humans with sufficient accuracy.”

Ms Marsten says it is time to change our approach to animal testing.

“We need to move to better research, more humane and more scientifically valid methods.

“Our government needs to assist that by providing the financial incentive for researchers to do it.”

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